Thursday, June 27, 2013

May Video and Sundry

Finally got around to making a May video! It is extra long because we went to Disneyland when we thought Danny had cancer again, and I could not sell the happiest place on earth short.

So now it is the end of June.  School ended, which was fantastic, then I had the flu and strep throat for a week, which was not fantastic, and now I have started school of my own, on my way to getting a teaching credential through CSU East Bay.  The pros: campus is less than five minutes from my house! The cons: school! Homework! Reading assignments!  Also because I was so out of it with illness I was in total denial about school starting so I didn't order my books last week like I should have, so now I am suffering from the looming dread of having like 10 chapters of combined reading for all my classes due next week and no chance of any books getting to me until MAYBE Monday at the most early.  I forgot what being a student was like-- turns out I was really okay with not having this kind of stress in my life! Oh well.  Pros about life in general: got to be apart of Ashley's lovely wedding last weekend (once I was no longer strep contagious) and spend the weekend with Becca and Celia; today after school I get to drive up to Tahoe and join the rest of the fam for the weekend (Dad stayed back with me, but everyone else left Tuesday! Jealousy.); my dearest darling Whitney is home from her mission so now I get to plan how I will save my pennies that I am no longer earning on a flight to Wisconsin to kiss attack her; my lovely local friend Tara is ALSO just starting back at school so we are already planning weekly Panera study parties (finally I can be the punk kid bumming off their free wifi!).  Ok well gotta go freak out about how I'm NOT doing the reading for my equity and diversity class, peace.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Movie!

See!  I am all about the hyper-timely postings now!  Or, you know, I did one video this morning and was still in the mood so I did the next one this evening.  As Lucy would say, "Whatever! Blah!"  Six is going to be a fun age.

March video

Oh my goodness.  So, life got kind of touch and go there for a while you guys, but I am back! This video (which is yeah about a month late goooooosh) features loooooots of Joyce and Lydia, with special guests Ruby and Becca showing up at the end during their Spring Break trip!  Seriously though it is like 95% babies up in this video, which I guess is a pretty accurate representation of how I spend my life.  I mean come on given the chance, wouldn't you?

Updates from the front:

So like two hours ago I sent in my application for a teaching credential program.  It starts at the end of June and only takes one year to finish.  In other good news, it's at Cal State East Bay, which has a satellite campus literally less than 5 minutes from my house.  Pretty sweet deal, yeah?  It's taken me over a month to get all the application gear together--letters of recommendation, TB test, fingerprint clearance, essay, transcripts, and oh yeah TWO STANDARDIZED TESTS. And an interview, which was scheduled for the same day as the bigger of the tests so I didn't even have time to worry about it!  So, we'll see what happens.  This time next year I could be gearing up for graduation and getting ready to be A Real Teacher.  Whaaaaaaaaaat.

Monday, March 18, 2013

So here is the February video.  The quality has gone even further down, unforch, because of my total lack of skillz.  Oh well.

So, today I was getting bit by children before 8 am.  Does that seem right to you? His teeth only got as far as my jacket, luckily, but super unluckily I think he managed to jack up my zipper!  For reals, I went to unzip my jacket at the end of the day (because I keep it zipped up like armor all day long!) and some of the teeth were out of alignment, right at little fella's biting altitude.  Bummer!  And all because he is not allowed to climb up and lie down on the cafeteria tables, and I had to be the one to tell him.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Um so after seeing Kyle's awesome movie of parts of 2012 I thought I would try to copy him and do a video of 2013--there's supposed to be a 1 second clip of video from every day.  So, obviously I had to cheat, because sometimes I needed like 2 or 3 seconds to really capture the awesome, so just be cool mkay? Oh and so also 2013 isn't over [UGH this year is taking FOREVER amiright?], but I thought I could show it off at monthly intervals? If you watch closely you will catch a peek of my most colorful student in his natural environment! Oh and sorry that the quality is beyond awful....I'm just pretending to know what I am doing here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Classy Old Timey Pictures

As promised!  Here we go:


Gramma Lucy + tomatoes

Grampa Dee as a debonair man about town


Mom= Lydia, Gramma Kay= a FOX

Grampa Dee+ some Egyptian skeletons, you know, as one is frequently pictured.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Thought I Was Dead, Didn't You?

Well, that's okay.  It's sort of my fault, being all neglectful and whatnot.  So I thought I would dive back into the world of telling my life to the Internet by showing you pictures of what I've been doing since Mom has been off galavanting to Utah and I am left to my own devices:

Remember that t shirt quilt I started like a year ago, and has been sitting rolled up under my bed ever since?  Yeah well I didn't either but then I did and now I'm finishing that bid'ness.

Mom has recently developed an addiction to spray paint, which I am carrying on in her absence.  Soon these brightly colored boxes (and their similarly primary-colored brethren) will be full of pencils, crayons, and glue sticks and gracing the tables of D-2.  And if the little Kindergarten angels amuse themselves by chipping off the paint, SO HELP ME.

Scanning slides.  Soooooo many slides!  I've got Mom and Dad's mission photos done, and I'm maybe halfway done with the Jacobs selection, which honestly has been a pretty awesome job--and man oh man it JUST occurred to me that I can post some choice selections HERE. Adorable pics of Mom's First Birthday to follow!!

This is perhaps the most delicious bread ever baked by human hands?  Found the recipe on Pinterest, and I un-sarcastically NAILED IT.  I made some on Sunday and that's basically all Dad and I ate all day, so I figured why not, what's good on Sunday's good on Tuesday.
So um that about does it.  I'm off for a few hours of babysitting, which is good for variety, right? Right.